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Mid-life follies

‘When you look in the mirror, do you see someone young and vibrant like you used to be,’ Liz asks her husband, ‘or old and decrepit like you’re going to be?’

This question is the trigger for Liz’s decision to leave the comfortable family home in Cambridge after twenty-three years of contented marriage.

A brisk walk to clear her head of the feeling of being trapped doesn’t work. On a brief escape to the seaside, a wholly out of character one-night fling makes things worse. A baffled Hugh is left to figure out why his wife has abandoned him. Is she suffering a mid-life crisis? Is he experiencing the same affliction?


A succession of twists and turns prevents a restoration to the normality that the couple increasingly crave as their children, parents and friends discover that immaturity is not solely the preserve of the young. 

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Jack & Jill went Downhill 

ISBN-13: 978-1786970954










Jack and Jill meet on Freshers Big Party Night at university and for both of them it’s love at first sight. Despite their backgrounds, personalities and interests being poles apart, the relationship flourishes during their university years. It’s not quite as comfortable when their studies are over and they start work, Jack in the City and Jill as a teacher.


Way back when they first met, they’d shared the joke that their names were those of the nursery rhyme. Down the line, they fail to recognise that their lives are matching the plot – Jack falls down and Jill comes tumbling after.


Their relationship is on the rocks. Can it survive?

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​The Engagement Party


Wayne and Clarissa are a young London couple whose immediate families are about to meet for the first time. Making the celebration a pleasant experience for their parents is going to be a challenge, made all the more difficult because there will be eight adults to contend with.


The obstacles seem insurmountable. Number One: the two families are from vastly different backgrounds. Number Two: there are severe tensions between the exes. Number Three: some of the new relationships are falling apart.  


Events during the week leading up to the engagement party reduce the chances of it being in the least bit enjoyable or successful, and the stress of it all is threatening Wayne and Clarissa's relationship.

A Street Cafe Named Desire


When David meets Bridget at a school reunion, he unexpectedly finds himself falling for her. With problems at work and a failing marriage, David feels he’s going nowhere, and mysterious, enigmatic Bridget draws him out of his shell. He’s overjoyed when, against all odds, she returns his interest -but what is it in her past that makes her reluctant to reveal her true feelings?


As their relationship progresses, David starts to think he may realise his dreams – but will he get everything he’s ever wanted, or is it all too good to be true?


    © 2013 R J Gould