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Are characters more important than plot in Romance?

With so few men writing or reading Romance, why has my publisher, Accent Press, put me into that genre and why does being a member of the Romantic Novelists’ Association seem appropriate?

I think it’s because my novels are character driven. Of course, plot is essential and in Romance there are a thousand and one nuances, but basically, woman meets man, the path to a relationship is hazardous, it seems doomed to failure, then it works out. What makes a story sparkle are the characters.

There’s such a wealth of potential in people. Consider your own character, its complexity, mood swings and so on. Next think of the person closest to you, a partner, a relative, a best friend. Despite similarities they are so very different to you. With seven billion people out there, that’s a lot of material to choose from, each person with endless plot potential.

My inspiration comes from observing people, followed by make believe about their thoughts and actions. I get to know them as the story unfolds; they grow as the plot develops and frequently drive the narrative forward.

Contact me with the word ‘Plot’ or ‘Character’ to indicate which of the two is more important for you when deciding what to read, and I’ll email you a short story – character driven of course!

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